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Neyland Yacht Club

The Promenade, Neyland, Pembrokeshire, SA73 1PX
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Average racing results for individual helms

Table shows average number of points for all races started in 2020.

Position Helmsman Average Races
1st Macsen Barber 1.571 7
2nd Sirene Le Petit 1.857 7
3rd Jake Scott 2.125 8
4th Lukas Tyrell 3.143 7
5th Jon Nutall 3.4 5
6th Eloise Cusden 4 6
7th Geoff Turner 4.286 7
8th Robert Main 4.571 7
9th Paul Griffiths 5.5 6
10th Keira Edwards 6.333 6

Qualification is 5 race start in 2020.

Disqualifications and non-finishes all contribute to the results. "Average Points", non-starts and non-competes are not counted.

* Before June 1st averages will be shown for people with 3 starts or more. On June 1st and after, 5 starts are required.

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