Neyland Yacht Club

Neyland Yacht Club

The Promenade, Neyland, Pembrokeshire, SA73 1PX
01646 600267

Yacht Racing

Yacht racing takes place on Wednesday nights through the Spring & Summer and Sundays from the end of September to the middle of December. 


Divisions 1 & 2 are for the quicker yachts or those who generally wish to sail with spinnakers. 

Division 3 is reserved for the Gentlemans' Class or for those wishing to sail with white sails only. If you are new to cruiser racing, this is the ideal starting point and newcomers are most welcome. 

Handicap Ratings

Yacht racing at NYC uses the Byron James Handicap system. All boats wishing to race must obtain a BJ rating. The website displays the ratings of a lot of boats we can use as a temporary base rating but as boats very rarely tend to be the same, even within class, every boat should obtain its own certified rating by filling out a request form. Click here for the current list of Byron James numbers for NYC/PHYC boats or follow the link in downloads.

Race Starts

Wednesday night races are sailed under the burgees of Neyland Yacht Club and Pembroke Haven Yacht Club. The start lines alternate weekly between NYC and PHYC. Listen on Channel 37 (M1 or P1) or call if you wish to participate.


Courses will be given over VHF (Channel 37) prior to the warning signal.  Please find the updated (2017) Mark Chart HERE

Race Entry

To ensure we don’t exceed the maximum number of people per fleet, boats will need to complete an entry form and submit to the following:

Div 1 -

Div 2 -

Entry forms are available to download here and  in the yellow banner

See you all on the water soon!

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